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Disqualified for three years

Posted by AndrewT on 24th Oct 2016

The director of a food wholesaling business that committed a number of drivers’ hours, overloading and Driver CPC offences has been disqualified from holding an Operator’s licence for three years. An … Read more
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No excuses for drivers’ hours offences

Posted by fionastewart on 21st Apr 2016

The Traffic commissioner for London and the South East, Nick Denton has called on road transport operators to manage their digital tachograph downloads or face the consequences. The TC said there is … Read more
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Is enforcement of driver’s hours working?

Posted by fionastewart on 23rd Mar 2016

Figures reported in February this year reveal that prosecutions for drivers’ hours and tachograph offences fell by almost 30% in 2015. Figures disclosed in recent parliamentary question and answer se … Read more
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Volumetric vehicle exemption loophole to close?

Posted by AndrewT on 17th Aug 2015

There is growing support to bring ten vehicle exemptions into the O-licensing scheme. It is estimated that this could affect around 40,000 goods and engineering plant vehicles and require them to pass … Read more
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Off the rails and off the road

Posted by AndrewT on 10th Jul 2015

The boss of a Newhouse haulage firm has been given a two-year industry ban after an investigation and public inquiry into drivers’ practices. Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner, Joan Aitken, said the op … Read more
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Compliance vs. Optimising Efficiency

Posted by AndrewT on 15th May 2015

Compliance management practices can transform the customer experience. Techniques for optimising road transport operations have become critical in meeting the increasing demands of customs and reduci … Read more
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Free Guide to GB Domestic Drivers' Hours Rules

Posted by AndrewT on 21st Apr 2015

Download our free guide to GB Domestic drivers' hours. If you want help in managing your compliance with drivers’ hours (EU or GB) see Smartanalysis, the leading tachograph analysis and compliance man … Read more
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Have your say on EU Tachograph regulations

Posted by AndrewT on 20th Mar 2015

On 4 February 2014 the European Commission published EU Regulation 165/2014 (the new Regulation) on tachographs in road transport. The Regulation can be found here.   This new Regulation, takes effec … Read more
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Free EU Drivers' Hours Law Guide

Posted by AndrewT on 19th Mar 2015

Download our free guide to EU Drivers' Hours Law. If you want help in managing your compliance with drivers' hours see Smartanalysis, the leading tachograph analysis and compliance management Software … Read more
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Ramping up drivers’ hours enforcement in EU

Posted by AndrewT on 26th Feb 2015

EU laws regarding tachographs and drivers’ hours are ineffective if there is inadequate enforcement of them. In the UK the DVSA and Police are responsible for enforcement of the regulations that apply … Read more
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Guide to GB domestic drivers' hours rules

Posted by AndrewT on 19th Dec 2014

If you are not familiar with GB domestic drivers' hours rules or just need a refresher this guide will give you the basic information you need. Drivers of vehicles that fall outside the scope of the … Read more
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Updated rules and guidance on drivers' hours

Posted by AndrewT on 28th May 2014

Drivers’ hours rules and guidance have been updated on GOV.UK. If you drive a goods vehicle or a passenger-carrying vehicle you must follow the rules on the number of hours you can drive and the brea … Read more
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Hauliers disqualified for misleading authorities

Posted by AndrewT on 23rd May 2014

Nick Jones, The West Midlands Traffic Commissioner, has disqualified two haulage firms following investigations by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) for drivers' hours offences and unlice … Read more
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Time to get a grip of your HGV drivers’ hours?

Posted by AndrewT on 6th Feb 2014

Drivers’ hours infringements regularly top the offences reported by the authorities.  Road transport operators need to demonstrate they understand the requirements of law regarding the digital tachogr … Read more
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Digital driver cards and your responsibilities.

Posted by AndrewT on 2nd Oct 2012

If you are a HGV or PSV driver and holder of a digital driver card you need to be aware of your responsibilities. If you are found to be in breach of the rules you can be fined or, in the most serious … Read more