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Tachograph cheat is banned for three years

Posted by AndrewT on 24th Nov 2015

An Aberdeen-based owner-operator has had his O-licence revoked and been disqualified from driving HGVs for three years after using magnets to interrupt digital tachograph recordings. The public inquir … Read more
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O-licence revoked for drivers’ hours offences

Posted by AndrewT on 25th Aug 2015

Numerous records and drivers’ hours offences led to a haulage firm based in Motherwell being stripped of its O-licence. The offences were unearthed by the DVSA in an investigation where they identifie … Read more
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Temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours

Posted by AndrewT on 30th Jul 2015

The Department for Transport (DfT) has agreed to a temporary relaxation of EU drivers’ hours rules to help drivers that are delayed due to industrial action or disruption at Calais with the following … Read more
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Tachograph rules changed for Farmers

Posted by AndrewT on 20th Mar 2015

From March 2015 farmers no longer need a tachograph fitted to their vehicles if the distance travelled is less than 100km from their operating base. Before March this distance was 50km. The base is d … Read more
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Banned for life by Traffic Commissioner

Posted by AndrewT on 13th Mar 2015

The owners of two Maidstone haulage companies have been banned for life after an inquiry heard how their behaviour put road users at risk. The two owners of Euro Logistics London Ltd and Euro Logisti … Read more
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HGV driver fined £1000 for tachograph offences

Posted by AndrewT on 20th Feb 2015

A HGV driver has been fined £1,000 for tachograph and drivers’ hours offences after admitting thirteen charges when he appeared at Perth Sheriff Court. On 11 dates in March and April 2013, he recorde … Read more
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Haulage director disqualified for three years

Posted by AndrewT on 4th Feb 2015

The director of a Sheerness-based haulage firm was disqualified for three years from 28 January for breaching several safety and licensing standards. The director was found to have blatantly ignored a … Read more
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Tachograph rules to change for local journeys

Posted by AndrewT on 4th Feb 2015

From 2 March 2015 a new European regulation – EU 165/2014 (PDF 2 MB) – will replace EEC 3821/85, setting out requirements for the construction, installation, use, testing and control of tachograph rec … Read more
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Transport Manager disqualified for 5 years

Posted by AndrewT on 8th Jul 2014

Stephen Drever-Marshall, the nominated Transport Manager on two licences - in the North of England was disqualified by North East Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney for five years after making a false … Read more
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Fixed penalties increased from 16 August

Posted by AndrewT on 15th Aug 2013

Department for Transport announced that fixed penalty levels will increase from 16 August 2013. Graduated fixed penalties and financial deposits for vans, trucks and buses are also increased as a resu … Read more
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Fined over £40,000 for drivers' hours offences

Posted by AndrewT on 10th Jul 2013

Following a VOSA investigation, Ian John Trussler, a partner and transport manager; and Kenneth Trussler, a partner of Goldline Taxis and Coaches both received suspended prison sentences for admitting … Read more